Keeping dog in Kennel vs. Crate

Keeping dog in kennel is never easy. The big dogs bark, especially during the night. Puppies are the biggest trouble of all. They do have their own version of crying. It’s hard to not to have a heart for them. Initial days of kenneling can give sleepless nights to you and your dog. Even worse, it may affect your neighbor’s sleep too. There are two kenneling options – Kennels and Crates. How do these options weigh in across different parameters? What are the set of pros and cons in both? We are going to unravel the secrets in this blog post.

Metal Dog Kennel


High quality metal kennels are built to last. They last longer than dog’s lifespan. You can do fine with just one kennel for all life. Your furry buddy won’t outgrow its home. You can let it to get emotionally attached to its kennel. There is no way your dog is escaping a quality built. You can safely keep your dog in the enclosure, while you have guests at home. The open air it enjoys makes sure the odor isn’t absorbed. The metal built doesn’t absorb odor too.


There is just zero portability in metal kennels. You can’t travel with it, like you do with a crate. There are portable metal kennels too. These free standing kennels serve multiple purposes. However, they are expensive than your regular one. Another issue is space. Metal dog kennel is going to require a whole lot of space. Maintaining a metal kennel involves usage of special tools. The initial costs and maintenance is high too.

Plastic Dog Crate


Firstly, flying with your pet does mandate usage of crates. Crates offer utmost portability. You can carry your crate while travelling. They are pretty easy to clean as well. With a hose you can handle the entire mess. You can stack crates in storage, when not in use. Crates are best for puppies. You can place your cute little puppy in a crate and make it stay in your room. That’s exactly where crates score most brownie points. Crates keep your dog safe from any imminent danger.


These are not the best choices in most situations. The plastic can be chewed by a determined dog. Plastic absorbs odors. You will know it when traveling in your car with crate placed inside. Any amount of cleaning isn’t going to clear that out. It’s quite obvious the puppy would outgrow its crate. Some breeds grow to its full size in less than a year. You may need multiple crates for different scenarios.

Final verdict:

Kennel vs. crate debate is always settled via going by requirements. How big of a dog can your pet get into? You can do with a large crate for a Poodle. Same can’t be said in case of a Great Dane. The space you can afford should matter too. Soft crates can even accommodate a Golden Retriever. Your decision should factor in the breed, affordable space, budget and other things.